InTouch and SAH working together with Affiliated Monitoring

Our Monitoring Station has been providing our customers with the peace of mind that someone is always listening when needed. SAH, Inc has been in partnership with Affiliated Monitoring for over 30 years. They are a U.L. Listed Central Station providing our customers custom monitoring that fits their needs. Affiliated has been in the monitoring business for over 40 years.

It is necessary that the service provided to each and every customer be designed to their lifestyle and schedules. Our staff will work with you to provide the proper information so there is no delay when you need a fast and accurate response.

No Landline, No Worries! We can provide Cellular monitoring.

Cellular Monitoring service is a much more secure monitoring because it does not rely on landline or internet services. It can be used as a sole means of communication or a backup to the existing service. Interactive Services Get real time notifications through text messages or emails for all activity at your home.

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